Hi! Welcome to Lovely Berry 🍓❤️ Edit

Welcome to Lovely Berry fanpage! so i will tell you what is Lovely Berry. so Lovely Berry is a fanmade idol group based on Love Live. this idol group have 3 members, and 1 producer (it's me ^^). the member is: Hanazawa Yui,Aigasaki Megu, and Kurosawa Chinatsu (i will explain the detail in next page).

Question 🙋 Edit

Q:why you make this fanmade idol group? A:because i want to make an idol group and make a idol Q:are you make this idol group in real life too? A:nope. i am still 11 years old ya know -_- Q:who i your favourite idol in Lovely Berry? A:actually i love them all.but my favourite idol is Hanazawa Yui-chan cause she is so kawaii

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